Chatterbox is a world of learning for primary schools. We cover all the subjects in the curriculum, with tailor-made, curriculum-inspired topics. We make it easy to learn with fun games that will keep your class motivated and make it even easier to follow their progress. Our web interface allows you to set homework, create your own content in minutes and tailor lessons to suit you.

Covers all subjects in the curriculum

Initially specialising in language resources, with over 117 languages available on chatterbox, we now have content which covers every primary school subject, and we're adding more all the time!

Helpful teacher tools

Chatterbox is built to put you in complete control. Check the class and individual learner's progress from the online dashboard, or even add your own content right into chatterbox. Our easy to use 'pack builder' lets you make decks of cards from your own images and audio recordings, perfect as a group activity or to add the specific topics you're teaching.

Fun and engaging activities

Learning is most effective when it's fun. That's why we've designed chatterbox to keep students focussed and keen to learn with an entertaining mix of games and activities.